Other discoveries at Arantzazu

A few years ago, we performed a study with the goal of finding new conjunction moments between ARANTZAZU and OTEIZA.

We edited it with the title: DISCOVERING ARANTZAZU AND OTEIZA.

Over de course of our project we saw on the Sanctuary archives that there were records of other unfinished projects, being all of them very interesting.

In the final Sanctuary’s reconstruction project, there was intervention from the majority of the most recognized and advanced architects and artists of the period.

To give an example, only for the apse construction there was more than 100 interested teams, being presented at the end 42 projects.

To truly understand the scale of this artwork, we must state that the apse covered a surface of 600 square meters that had to be planned and developed.

The submissions included a large diversity of techniques and materials. Paint, sculpture, stone, wood, iron, ceramics, lighting sets. An imagination, creativity and technology parade.

In-depth studies were already made at the time for each project. Therefore our analysis will include and will focus on 14 of the submitted projects, plus the winner one, in the spirit of promoting, suggesting, encourage.