Bruder Klaus chapel

We traveled to Mechernich to learn about the Bruder Klaus Chapel, architect Peter Zumthor’s project. The nearest airports are the ones at Cologne and Bonn, 50km away approximatively from either one.
Located in the middle of the field, this chapel reveals to be extraordinary in any season, but we recommend to visit on autumn or winter, where we can connect better with the environment quietness.
This project characteristics are known. The outer part consists in a concrete rectangular shape. The internal structure is cone shaped. It was build using tree logs from the area. It was then burned over the course of various days, until it consumed.
It has an austere interior and still preserves the trees shape and you can still notice the burned wood scent. The skylight and the light entering through the small lateral holes in the concrete, brings together a reduced illumination and a gathering atmosphere.
A marvelous building that impresses more than other more ostentatious pieces of art.
Zumthor, awarded with the Pritzker award to architecture, represents authenticity. It analyses the projects in a very detailed way, studies the materials, so they can melt with the environment. Surprising simplicity.